*    Two- to three-sentence chapter summaries after each chapter title.

    *    Efficient use of chapter sub-headings to break the story down

    *    Highlighting in bold to help with skimming the pages when you want to find particular items again

    *    Quality present-day photos to illustrate the places involved in the story - whetting the appetite to travel there, to find out more.

    *    Specially commissioned colour maps - modern, clear

    *    Snappy Catch-up Summaries approximately one-third and two-thirds of the way through the book - leading at the end to an overall two-page summary history of the country in around 30 points

Out now:   Germany, Just-Enough History©  &   France, Just-Enough History©

Just-Enough History©

Drawing on my experience as a private guide in putting ‘into a nutshell’ many and varied aspects of other countries’ histories, I have developed the concept of Just-Enough History© e-books.  This is history for the interested visitor and/or interested citizen:  for those who want more than the too-short history sections in guidebooks, but less than a medium-length book (which most texts marketed as ‘short histories’ tend to be).  The aim is something that can be read in three to four hours;  a maximum of 60,000 words.  


Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, Google Books, or Kobo. £7.99 / €9.99 / $9.99

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