Prices & References

A.   How we operate

* We organise tours DIRECT with you – we have no public list of tours

* We handle numbers from 2 to 10 – families, small groups of friends.

* We provide personal guiding, but also organise itineraries, book hotels and site entries, and find you a minibus company if your group is larger than 4 people.

* We step onboard your car / rental car *, or a minibus that we can arrange (but you pay direct to the company, in advance). NB: we do not organise travel to/from the tour start/finish point(s) - eg flights, trains.

* You pay our guiding & organising fee, and then pay as you go for your accommodation, meals and museum entries (and, if you need one, you pay for your minibus direct, in advance).

                         *  (under normal circumstances, happy to drive if you can add us as an Additional Driver)

 B. Prices 


Our fees - for guiding on the tour, organising, and all our costs (including guide’s accommodation):                                  for 1 day only:  £775     2 days: £1,375    3 days: £1,975                

                                 4 days: £2,575    5 days: £3,175         UK Pounds

To this you would need to add your hotel - assume around €140/night/room (Euros) - and any transport costs; you would pay both of those direct.  My invoice will be for my fees, above.

C.  How to pay

We take payments by Bank Transfer in Pounds - we'll email you details.  We do not take credit cards (except via PayPal; 4.5% charge for using PayPal). £150 p.p. deposit; balance 8 weeks prior to trip, as per our  Booking Conditions

Some Written References

“I wanted to tell you again how much my Dad and I enjoyed our time with you touring the Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge areas.  Your knowledge of the area and expert delivery made for a very memorable trip for us.  Particularly, your research and knowledge of the 424th Infantry Regiment, 106th Division positions and movements during the Bulge was an added bonus”

David Wilkinson (Texas), Normandy & Ardennes tour, November 2019

“Thanks for a lovely trip to Prague.  As usual, you took us to a super hotel and showed us sights we’d never have discovered on our own. Many thanks for organising a great trip for us once again”

Liz Thomas (UK), family trip to Prague, October 2019

“Thank you for a truly amazing experience that was everything we hoped it would be.  Your planning, presentation, organisation and knowledge is exceptional.  To listen to your telling of the history leading to and the events of this historic battle of WWI was fascinating.  A complicated story delivered clearly over two days along with incredible site visits.  A great two days for us all”

Chris Eggleton (UK), Verdun tour, September 2019

“Peter and I would like to say a heartfelt thank you for such a great trip to Vienna.  We really loved the programme and your style of guiding”

Anna & Peter Vinson (UK) on 3-day Kings Society Canterbury group visit to Vienna, October 2018

“What a fine trip.  We so enjoyed your company, your content knowledge, presentation and geographical knowhow.  That was perhaps the finest historical tour I have participated in over many years.  The housings were wonderful as well.  Thank you!”  

Mark Murphy (Wisconsin, retired headteacher), World War I 5-day tour, June 2018

“We wanted you to know that our two days with you in Normandy were terrific and exceeded all our expectations.  Thank you very much for an experience we will always remember.  Your knowledge and expertise, combined with your friendly manner made every minute enjoyable for both of us”

Ben & Debbie Rosenbloom (Connecticut), Normandy tour May 2018

“The description on your website that you are relaxed but authoritative is spot on.  Kate and I know how much effort you put in to these trips, to make them interesting for the whole group, and once again we must thank you for a great few days”  

Peter & Kate Prince (UK) on 3-day Kings Society Canterbury group visit to Languedoc, April 2018

“Howard, Judy, Terry and I want to thank you so very much for the wonderful four day trip we enjoyed with you to the Battle of the Bulge and WWI areas in France, Luxembourg and Belgium.  Your investigative planning work to pinpoint locations where Terry's uncle earned his Bronze Star for valor and Judy's father was taken prisoner in the Bulge areas and where Terry’s grandfathers fought in WWI, was well beyond our expectations. The vast amount of background information including helpful maps you provided made these and other places come alive.    We were simply amazed at your detailed knowledge of not only both World Wars but also the geographical locations we visited. Finally, your gentle, friendly yet confident approach with us throughout our tour was greatly appreciated. You are a true pro & we are grateful to have had the privilege to tour with you.”  

Jim Anderson (Missouri), Ardennes & Argonne tour May 2017

“Thank you so much for yet another fantastic tour.  We loved our time in Berlin and came away feeling we were very knowledgeable about all things to do with the War and the Wall.  Thank you for looking after, organising, guiding and teaching us - it was a great weekend.”  

Ali Huntrods (Canterbury, UK), group organiser, Berlin weekend (15 people), May 2017

“Just wanted to say again what a fantastic trip it was.  You are without question the best tour guide I have ever known.  Your fund of historical (& other) knowledge is limitless, you are most accommodating and considerate of your guests, clearly highly organised - always with a plan & a back-up plan - and, best of all, you are most personable & fun to be with”   

David Green (Texas), Hurtgen Forest & Ardennes tour, April 2016

“We both got so much out of your highly professional approach and commentary.  It could not have been a better experience (and it was fun!).  Being able to visit our relatives’ graves was a very fulfilling experience thanks to your customised approach and highly knowledgeable commentary”  

Geoff & Sherry Miller (Ottawa), private Canadian WWI tour April 2016

“What a truly memorable experience…  It has always been somewhat difficult for me to get my arms around the events of WWI but you truly brought it to light in a very interesting and compelling way, and certainly have an encyclopaedic knowledge of events - and a pleasant and logical way of presenting it all”  Charlie Battle (Georgia USA), World War I summary tour March 2016

“Thank you for such a fabulous tour in Germany last week.  I enjoyed it greatly.  Congratulations on your superb organisation (which must have required a huge amount of planning), and I especially appreciate the depth and breadth of your historical knowledge and background, as well as the enthusiasm with which you communicated it.  There is no substitute for going to the real places where all these events happened and you brought the whole story to life”.  

Brian Harvey (Dublin) on special interest group tour to Peenemünde & Nordhausen re. German V2 history, September 2015

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